Mount Desert Island.Net

About Mount Desert Island .Net

Mount Desert Island .Net was developed to provide a regularly updated, non-commercial web site that primarily would be of interest to those who live on Mount Desert Island, either year-round or seasonally; to members of their families who presently live "away", but who want to keep up with island life; to those who visit the island frequently, hoping to live here someday; and to anyone wanting to learn more about one of America's most beautiful and unusual island communities. Although there are many tourist-oriented sites on and about Mount Desert Island; they are all commercial, aiming their message at those who have never been here and who might be potential customers.

While presenting current information about Mount Desert Island, hopefuly in an entertaining manner, we also see the potential for this site to become an island-wide forum for the exchange of ideas about some of the complex and difficult issues MDI faces today and in the future. To this end, we have established MDI Blog. Although the blog section of our site may be slowest to develop, we can envision a time when it could become the most important feature.

Mount Desert Island .Net is very much a work in progress. We continuously are trying to assess what pages are of most interest to viewers and what new pages to add. We also are wrestling with decisions about what links might be appropriate to include. If you have ideas or suggestions about any aspect of the site, please let us know.

You are sure to see changes here as we mature. Thanks for your interest in us - and check back frequently!