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Mount Desert Island Photo Gallery 1
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Bass Harbor Light Cadillac Mtn. Wonderland
(l) Bass Harbor Light    (c) Cadillac & Dorr Mtns.   (r) Tide Pool at Wonderland

Compass Harbor
Bunch Berries
Frenchman's Bay
Red Squirrel
(tl) Compass Harbor    (tr) Bar Harbor From Cadillac Mtn.   (br) Red Squirrel on Beech Mtn.    (bl) Bunchberries

Round Pond Beaver
Turtle Log
(l) Round Pond    (tr) Beaver   (br) Turtle Log

Wild Iris - Blue Flag Star Flower White Lady Slipper
(l) Wild Iris    (c) Star Flower.   (r) Ladyslipper

BH Cruise Ship Alg. Coast
(l) Cruise Ship in Bar Harbor    (r) Seal Cove in Summer

Beech Hill Lupine
Beech Hill Lupine

June Sail Sunset
(l)June Sail    (r) Sunset over Bartlett's Island

Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Plant


As silent as can be,
wispy fingers of fog
flow in off the sea
until all is kissed
by its soft cloud
of cool white mist.

Droplets in the air;
the sound of a buoy
somewhere over there;
a gullís haunting cry
seems to echo
natureís damp sigh.

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