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Mount Desert Island Photo Gallery 2
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Summer Contemplation

Dory Canoeing
(l) Southwest Harbor Dory       (r) Canoeing in Squid Cove

Bar Harbor Cruise Ships
Cruise Ships in Bar Harbor

Queen Mary 2 Queen Elizabeth 2
(l) Queen Mary 2      (r) Queen Elizabeth 2

Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake in Autumn

Seal Cove
Snow at Seal Cove

Bartlett's Island
Fresh Snowfall at Bartlett's Island

Frog Pond

The Frog Pond in Winter

Soft beams of moonlight glow
Upon the pond so still below,
And all around the snowflakes cling
To fir boughs, twigs and everything.

Where months before, when it was dry,
Cranberries flourished as frost drew nigh.
Now all is quiet and serene
While winter slowly paints the scene.

Sand Beach
Winter Day at Sand Beach

Ocean Drive in Winter
Ocean Drive in Winter

Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset

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