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2018 Event Schedule

June (Date to be announced) - Annual Meeting and Potluck - 5:30 p.m. social/dinner 6:00 p.m.

July (Date to be announced) - Annual Yard Sale and Craft Fair - 8 a.m. - noon


Date Pending - Summer Event
Date Pending - Fall Potluck - 5:30 p.m. social/dinner 6:00 p.m.
Date Pending - Halloween Party - 5:30 p.m. social/dinner 6:00 p.m.
Date Pending - Holiday Party - 6:00 p.m. social/dinner 6:30 p.m.

Yard Sale and Craft Fair July 18, 2015

July 2015 Sale

Despite a few rain showers, our Annual Sale on Saturday, July 18 was a spectacular success!! We raised over $2,200 to help support the Pretty Marsh Community Association for the next year,
breaking our old record by $700!!

A big "THANK YOU" to all who donated, priced, organized, carried, covered, uncovered, baked, knitted, etc., etc., etc. This was a true community effort in the best traditions of our beautiful Pretty Marsh!
You can all be proud!
And - just wait 'til next year!!

Baked Goods and Crafts

Webmaster Editorial

Do you live in Pretty Marsh, either year-round or seasonally, and ever wonder what makes our little village so unique? Do you drive by the old Schoolhouse/Community Building and wonder why it's still there? Do you ever wonder: "Just what does the Pretty Marsh Community Association do?", or "Who exactly is a member of PMCA?", or "Why does an old, outdated community organization matter today anyway?"

Well, the answers to those questions and many others are both simple and complex. First, the simple answers: Pretty Marsh has been and continues to be unique because of its historically tight-knit sense of community. The old Schoolhouse has been and continues to be a symbol of that sense of community. Every resident of Pretty Marsh is automatically a member of the Community Association, whether you pay dues or not. The Pretty Marsh Community Association has long served as an important vehicle for helping to foster a sense of community among all Pretty Marsh residents by hosting old-time pot luck suppers, scheduling holiday parties for the village, and holding an annual yard sale to help fund it's activities. As PMCA members, we all own the historic Schoolhouse, the surrounding land, and about 1 1/2 acres of waterfront property which is protected by a conservation easement and is available to each of us for picnics, recreation or quiet contemplation.

So why does the Pretty Marsh Community Association matter in today's modern world? Perhaps the answer can, in part, be found in the lyrics of John McCutcheon's "Water From Another Time". Listen carefully to this very beautiful and meaningful folksong by clicking on the screen below. Remember - if Pretty Marsh matters to you, then the Pretty Marsh Community Association should matter to you as well. Many historic organizations on MDI have disappeared over recent years for lack of interest, taking with them any tangible connection with our island's rich and varied past. Pretty Marsh cannot afford to lose the last operating community association on MDI.
Our beautiful village's heart and soul rest in all of our hands.

Important Notices For Pretty Marsh Residents

P.M. Directory

A new Community Directory is printed and distributed every few years to all Pretty Marsh residents.
If you need a copy, please e-mail Annette. Thanks.

The Pretty Marsh Cemetery Association has received a most generous donation of one acre of land adjacent to the cemetery from Darrell and Alice Phillips. The cemetery has been closed in recent years, as no more lots have been available. Pending survey work, that may soon change.
THANK YOU, Darrell and Alice!

Our historic community building is in need of some rather serious repair. We are in the process of conducting an important fundraising campaign to make these repairs on this wonderful old landmark! Please help us preserve the only remaining active community association on Mount Desert Island!

Due to all your generous contributions to our capital campaign, this September we were able to get the Pretty Marsh Schoolhouse trim and siding painted. It looks great.

Currently we are having window work completed. Repairs were needed to the wood stiles on the windows. Next Spring our goal is to get the windows, shutters, door and railings painted. We also hope to purchase a new screen door.

Our July 2015 yard sale fundraiser was a huge success, generating just slightly over $2,200 - easily smashing our old record by almost $1,000! Thanks to all who donated items, worked before, during and after the sale, and contributed delicious treats for the bake sale! Pretty Marsh residents are awesome!

Also, we would appreciate receiving your dues and/or any donations you would like to make to help cover the costs of maintaining the community building, insurance, mailing, etc. Dues are very modest - $25/family or $15/individual per year. You can mail to: Annette Carvajal, PMCC Treasurer, P.O. Box 429, Mount Desert, ME 04660. And thanks again for your support!

By the way, don't get the idea that we are just out to raise money. While having sufficient funds to operate and to maintain our property is important, the fact is that in years past most repairs and maintenance at the Community Building were handled by volunteers! What we need most of all is YOU - your interest and your participation! Pretty Marsh is a beautiful and unique part of Mount Desert Island. Together, we can keep it that way.

In reviewing this website's archives recently, we came across an editorial from 2008
which seems to be worth reprinting - so here it is:

Editorial: "A State of Mind"

From the many gratifying comments we have received after the introduction of our new Pretty Marsh website, it is apparent that both year-round and seasonal residents of our community have been longing for something that communicates to them and resonates with them about this special place in which we all are so fortunate to live.

Pretty Marsh always has been a unique part of a very unique and beautiful island.. It is a little out of the way, yet it is close to lots of activity. We can participate in the hustle and bustle as much as we wish, then we can retreat to our own private, quiet place to recover. We all know each other, but we tend to give each other space. Yet if a need arises, everyone stands ready to help in any way they can.

We are probably the least developed village on Mount Desert Island. From time to time we hear people laughingly say that Pretty Marsh has more horses than people (not a bad thing from our perspective)! We live by some of the most beautiful coves and hills and forests anywhere on Mount Desert; and we are completely surrounded by Acadia, one of America's most beautiful national parks.

We have an active sense of our rich village history and a desire to preserve it. We hang on to our old community association when all of the others have fallen by the wayside. Children who grew up here years ago come back and want their children to experience the good times they enjoyed. We are old-fashioned in many ways, but we still want access to broadband Internet!

We have lots of wildlife, sometimes to the chagrin of gardeners and pet owners. However, few can complain about the haunting serenade of the evening thrush during July, or the chorus of spring peepers in April, or the howl of coyotes on a full moon during our cold winter nights.

If, as they say, Maine is “the way life should be”; then Pretty Marsh is the way Maine should be.
It truly is a “state of mind” that should be both cherished and nourished.


Holiday Party - December 18, 2015




Halloween Party - October 24, 2015

Witches and warlocks and future tellers- oh my!!! Throw in a speed bump and you have the Pretty Marsh Halloween Potluck!!!

The chill was in the air- but thanks to the Ericksons, the wood stove was keeping us warm. It was a hauntingly great night! And a terrific mix of pulled pork, spices rice, and some awesome desserts!!!

Hope you all have a haunting great Halloween!!





Neighborhood House Community Cafe
February 19, 2015

On February 19th, Pretty Marsh sponsored its second Neighborhood House Community Cafe. In keeping with our snowy, cold winter this year, we had snow all morning but it stopped around lunch time. That allowed 89 hardy souls to venture out and enjoy a Mexican Fiesta complete with taco bar, tortilla soup, salad, homemade brownies and frosted cupcakes!

Community Cafe is at Neighborhood House the first and third Thursday of the winter months. An established following has grown significantly over the past two years, and everyone looks forward to the "cabin fever reliever" it provides!

Thank you to all who helped with this fun event!

the crew
The Pretty Marsh Crew.

Newsletter 2014 

Pretty Marsh Community House

Christmas Party
December 13, 2014

Once again- our Pretty Marsh Holiday Potluck was a great success. For the last few weeks, the sign in front of the Schoolhouse had been warning us: “Santa is watching. Be Good”.

With bells ringing through Pretty Marsh- Mrs. Claus arrived. Pretty sure we were in trouble as her big burlap sack was empty!!! We promised we would be good (okay- we would be better). Mrs. Claus believed us, and rewarded us with “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Amazing. It was just the right start to a wonderful evening of Christmas Spirit.

With bellies full of food, and the ‘joy ‘ of the holiday- the Yankee Swap frenzy began. Homemade hats. A moose hat. A stocking full of Nuts. A 2015 desk calendar. Homemade chocolate syrup. The gift were flying here, there, and everywhere. Once the dust settled everyone had, as Santa always knows, the gift of their dreams. . . Truly the case for MJ- I she heading home with a bottle of champagne which Im sure gave her a dreamy night!

The night was brought to a close with the sounds of caroling from the schoousehouse.

….. and they all headed home for a long Winter's nap.


Wreath Making Workshop
November 23, 2014

Our Schoolhouse wreath takes a lot of green tipping, and a lot of labor to complete. But the result is always spectacular.

Sunday, November 23rd- all the PM elves got together to complete the job. With good weather and thus no snow on the ground tipping went smoothly. Actually- it was enjoyable. The fresh, crisp (not freezing!) air was just right. Caroline was able to go into her woods, tip and get back to the Schoolhouse without calling for directions. No sense of direction in the woods. (or out of the woods frankly)

With tips, wire and snips in hand- the wreath came together quickly. The music was inspiring. And so was the champagne! (the PM elves do it up right) By Monday afternoon- our schoolhouse was decked out for the holiday season. Thank you to all who helped.


the gang
The gang!

Summer Festival
August 24, 2014

Second Annual Cardboard Regatta

Bring on the Challenge!!!!

It was a showdown between two repeat participants- Reiley Pappas, and Caroline Felkel. Reiley was defending his title. Caroline wasn’t going to let that happen.

The waters were smooth, and the winds were in the favor of a fast race. Floating on the sails of his last victory- Reiley arrived in style. But Caroline would be a challenge.

At the end of the race- Caroline would be the 2nd Annual Cardboard Regatta Champion. The two champions changed into dry clothes, signed the trophy, and celebrated!!!

After the race the two champions discussed strategy, as they had both heard Inge Smallidge was already building her boat for the 2015 Cardboard Regatta!

Summer Cookout
What a perfect day for a cookout!!!!!

Bob Mitchell was in charge of the grill. The music was terrific. The community came to gether for a great afternoon of neighborhood fun.


Reiley's Trailer
Reiley's entry on a bike trailer.

two champs
Two champs!

Yard Sale Fundraiser
July 12, 2014

A message from our President -

Our annual yard sale was a huge success this year thanks to all the efforts from the community.

The goal was to make enough money to cover our annual expenses for the schoolhouse - electricity, insurance, mowing, etc. - which amounts to approximately $1200 - a large goal, as recent yard sales have been bringing in around $750. Aim big or go home!

We were all hopeful, as during the several weeks before the sale, donations started coming in strong. By Friday the schoolhouse was overfilled. Furniture, dishes, rugs, etc. - (along with a few things we couldn't identify, but we put a price on them anyway!) And don't forget the baked goods - cookies, cakes, etc. Gotta feed the hungry buyers!

The crew arrived before 6AM, and worked hard all morning. By 8AM the crowd of cars was lining the roadway, and the sale began. It was teamwork all the way. Mike, Annette, Ruth, Bob, Charlie and Pat were our stockpeople and salesmen. Sue and Joany were cashing the buyers out.

By noon we were close to our goal..... And there she was, a woman on a bike who bought two wicker chairs! $70. We were officially over our goal!!!!!!!!!! How did she get 2 wicker chairs on a bike?? Charlie and Pat waited for her to bike home, and come back with her car. Consider Charlie and Pat were the first ones there at 5:45AM - big thanks to them for staying for that last sale.

Once all the numbers come in, we believe our final tally will be around $1500.

Thanks to all the community!!!!!! Pretty Marsh residents are awesome!


the gang
Lots of activity on the lawn!

the gang
Cars lined the road!

Neighborhood House Community Cafe
February 20, 2014

On February 20th- Pretty Marsh sponsored the Neighborhood House Community Cafe. As it has been a long winter, we themed the luncheon: "A Pretty Marsh Summer Picnic"!

The Pughs volunteered with three generations of the family- Charlie, Pat, Davonne, Jane, Ella, Reiley, and Sam. From Gray Farm Road- Jeff Burnham and Kathleen McQuaid along with Peter Grace. And of course- Caroline was there, as she was the one that volunteered the Pretty Marsh Community!!!

The food was terrific. We had burger and vegetarian sliders, several different salads, and strawberry shortcake! Everyone helped out with the cooking, serving, and cleanup.

Community Cafe is at Neighborhood House the first and third Thurs of the winter months. It is amazing to see the quiet off season town of NEH come to life for a few hours of community togetherness in the middle of the winter.

Thank you to all who helped

the gang
The Pretty Marsh Gang.

kitchen crew
Kitchen Crew.

sign makers
Sign Makers.

on the grill
Caroline on the Grill.

salad maker
Salad Maker Extraordinaire.

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