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Summer 2011 Newsletter

Sunset on Round Pond - photo by David Irvin on May 22, 2011

Greater Downtown Pretty Marsh

Many people in the Pretty Marsh community, as well as around Mount Desert Island, have missed our iconic "Greater Downtown Pretty Marsh" roadsign. It had deteriorated considerably over the years, and was finally knocked over by a passing truck about a year ago. Now, thanks to the efforts of our former President Caroline Felkeld and our neighbor Ron Scott, the sign has been repainted and installed in its proper place once again!

The Great Cardboard Boat Race

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The First Pretty Marsh Great Cardboard Boat Race was held at our PMCC Kehoe Preserve on a sunny Saturday at high noon! 4 boats and crews participated, and all seemed to have a wonderful time with lots of laughs and more than a little saltwater swimming! There also were lots of onlookers, some of whom just couldn't resist taking the plunge!

Boat Race

Boats and Crews preparing for the Start.

Boat Race
And They Are Off!

Boat Race
The Winner is...

Boat Race
Fun After the Race!

Halloween Party

A Halloween Party was held at the community house on Saturday, October 29th.
Here are a few photos of the brave attendees!

Halloween Party

Mike and Ellie.

Halloween Party
Inge and Lester.

Halloween Party
John, Linda and Seiner.

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