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August 21, 2010

Dear Greater Pretty Marsh Community Members,

Another summer has come to Pretty Marsh! And what a great year it has been! The rotted back wall of the Schoolhouse Building, our emergency priority of last year, has had lifesaving work done thanks to the generosity of all who responded. A contractor living in Pretty Marsh, Todd Holbrook, removed the rot, and installed new primed cedar clapboard. This cost $4000, which came in under our estimate of $4500.

We have now established a Schoolhouse Money Market Endowment Account with Bar Harbor Bank and Trust. The amount contributed to this fundraising effort last year totaled $8494. So we are proud to report that $4494 now sits in our new account.

Our pressing needs now are as follows, with new estimates:

  • Painting of the exterior, includes scraping, a rough sand, and solid stain- $3960. Note: As of April 22 the E.P.A. has new laws concerning lead paint. Our painter will need to test for lead before starting work and may need to adjust costs accordingly.
  • Restore 8 original windows- To be determined (bids still out)
  • Electrical overhaul--Install new 100 amp electrical service, rewire adding fixtures and outlets to updated code requirements- $6000

Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover the completion of these projects this year. Beyond that, our goal is to raise $150,000, an amount that ties in with the 150th anniversary of this building, and which would guarantee its longevity for our community. This will comfortably cover currently needed repairs as well as establish a modest endowment against future needs.

Future maintenance projects include:

  • New wood screen exterior door
  • New wood inside door. The one we have is split.
  • Insulation for attic. The winter get togethers are always wonderful community events but the building is quite chilly then even with the good wood stove.
  • Investigate rot –if we do discover some, we will need to cope with that.
  • Work to stabilize the foundation
  • Refurbishing the “soft” section of the entryway
  • Interior wall and ceiling repair
  • Revitalize original kitchen area

We know this is not an easy time financially for many. THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has contributed thus far!
We are making good progress!

With great hope and many thanks,

Annette Carvajal, Sue Erickson, Caroline Felkel, Lin Gould, Jeffrey Miller
The Pretty Marsh Schoolhouse Fundraising Committee

Pretty Marsh Community Corporation P.O. Box 429 Mt. Desert Maine 04660..
PMCC is a not for profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Pretty Marsh Community House

Christmas/Holiday Party
December 14, 2013
text and photos by Caroline

It is Sunday morning, I am sitting in front of my fireplace enjoying the warmth as I stare at the snow falling outside. It is 19 deg out- with hopes of it reaching 20! I have ventured out for coffee and the Sunday paper but quickly found myself returning home. The shovelling can wait. If I wait long enough- it will melt (wishful thinking), or my plowboy will take pity on me. (again wishful thinking).

This last week I spent a few days in 84 deg weather lying on a beach in Naples. My plane landed in Bangor at 11:57AM yesterday, and my body has not adjusted to the downward swing in temperature. As we landed it was 0 deg, and the stewardess offered us the option of heading back to Naples. Very tempting- but nope. I had to make a potluck dish, wrap a yankee swap gift, and get dressed in layers. Saturday night was the Pretty Marsh Christmas party!!!


Our PM elves ( alias’ Ralph, Sue, and Pat) got together last weekend to put together the wreath. Thank you Clarissa for the use of your wonderful ring once again. The three of them enjoyed the warmth of the woodstove while I was out shlepping in the woods for tips. ‘ No- I'm good. You guys stay warm. Do you need me to add another piece of wood to the stove?’

Sue seemed to like being the ‘observer’. But once Pat had a little talk with Sue explaining that Santa was watching, and if she wanted anything under the tree this year - she better get to work, Sue listened. Ralph never commented and just kept working. And yes- I'm fine. Was only lost in the woods for a few hours. My keen sense of city girl direction, and the fact it was my own land – saved the day again.


Ralph and Sue were our Holiday Hosts for the Christmas Party this year. Thank you . Awesome. They cleaned the schoolhouse. The tree was amazing. And most important- they got the woodstove going to make us all warm and cozy for the night.

Santa arrived right on time… though a little miffed as we had the woodstove going, so he had to use the front door! Santa- that’s a good thing. I think Santa needs to learn the word ‘Weightwatchers’ in January. (I can say that now as I have my gift!) Inge quickly made her move on Santa- taking his seat! Like all of us didn’t see that one coming! Honey- lets show some dignity.


The dinner bell rang and we were all over it. I have never quite understood the cosmic workings that – without discussion of who is bringing what - a potluck always ends up ….balanced. A perfect balance of vegetables, salads, meat, sides, dessert- and of course wine!!! It always works.

Our bellies full, and another bottle of wine open- thank you Richard! - it was time for the Yankee Swap!! You question “What is a Yankee swap???” OMG. Google it! Short definition- an organized ruckus, or wild present fight, for the prized possession in Pretty Marsh - the elusive “ Lobster Hat”. We were all concerned as when we last we saw the Lobster Hat, it was steaming in a boiling pot of water at Halloween!

Gail was the first pick. Which if you are into the rules of Yankee swap means at the end she will be able to re-gift and pick any gift… Let's be honest the word is STEAL. Okay- she can steal any gift in the room. No ladies' manners these days. She may look sweet and innocent- but chicky we know how you work. ??? What the heck is Ralph doing back there? The wine isn’t in the woodstove. Check under Charlie’s seat!

Charlie wanted to have nothing to do with the rubber ducky-fox Inge was taunting him with. Away!

John was Happy,Happy, Happy.

And then- Ralph got caught after stealing the Lobster Hat!!! “ No one can see me over here! Invisible!“ said Ralph. As Sue said “-----------!”


Poor Richard. His first time at a Pretty Marsh event…and we have a Yankee Swap! But he gets big points - he brought wine!!

Michael was so excited about his gift- he thought he could fly!!!! He is in therapy now. Inge encouraged…..his super power! Santa is keeping his distance. Santa brought Sue candles to light the dark winter's night.


And of course as it is Maine- we had a bar fight between the flamingo and the rubber ducky/fox. There were no injuries, however, and all were friends.

By the end of the evening everyone was ready for long winters night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Halloween Party
October 26, 2013

Lou and David

Charlie and Caroline


Pretty Marsh Gallery
September 28, 2013
Photos by Caroline

Viewing the display









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